"I go into the flow in my work. I have the unique privilege of seeing people step into their absolute greatness... and stay there! What could be better than that?" -Noel Murphy

Our clients are true believers!
"It's just plain great. I waited to tell you this, but I would have paid a lot more. You can get me next time."

Tom Karn, Karn Mortgage

"Noel, you did a fantastic job of producing my speech, you really captured my message on film. Thank you!"

Randy Revelle, Founder, Context Associated

"Noel Murphy is a fantastic director, producer, creator. He has this amazing ability to tap into who you really are and bring that to the camera. It's a fabulous process in which I felt somewhat of a transformation myself. It was a gift to put this all together with Noel, I appreciate everything he has done for us. I recommend that anyone thinking of a video use Noel, he's wonderful!"

Kate Hotchkiss, Partner, The Law Firm of Grundsky, Ebby, Farrar, Howell & Hotchkiss

"Noel is an amazing coach-- he created my television shows and my CD-ROM, a tool that has really defined me and helped my clients truly understand what I have to offer. Noel Murphy is definitely part of my team, and if you get the chance to work with him-- take it!"

Frank McCue, Realtor

"Noel has not only created a marketing piece for me, but he has also helped me with the ways I present my own work and given me a lot of insight about my presentation. I am a seasoned seminar speaker yet he has given me very constructive direction, a bigger and more effective presence for myself. More important than the video he created, he's helped my business. I want to thank Noel again for creating a phenomenal marketing video for me."

Donovan Lazar, President Lazar and Associates, Financial Advisors

"I didn't know how you would react to my request to do a demo for "Survivor," but you lit up at the challenge and truly captured who I really am. As a result CBS is interested in me for a whole other show!!!"

Dixie Cox, The Fun Institute

"We brought in Noel's consulting and production company. He took our 9 programs and laser focused them and defined us. The film turned out incredible! We showed it to 600 people and it ended to a cheering audience."

Catherine Patterson, Community Bridges

"With Noel I have gotten to take a look at how effective I am, not only in front of the camera, but also in front of an audience. It's amazing how much more confident and powerful I am in my presenting!"

Sally Green, Executive Director, Jacob's Heart, Children's Cancer Association