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Noel Murphy Productions is a corporate video production company located in Santa Cruz CA. Our purpose is to communicate your message and share your story. We’re at home with CEO’s in boardrooms and all types of business video production. We are comfortable with on-location work and creative people of all types For more than 20 years we’ve coached and produced video for everything from corporate communications and marketing to advertising and web. Our Rocket Cat brand is a quick, easy and inexpensive alternative to traditional Video and Website Production – think of that as 1 man, 1 camera, 1 video. 1 man 2 ears, awesome website. From simple to comprehensive, we are your Digital Storyteller!

Gallery of Video Styles & Choices

  • Don’t Settle for Video 1.0 Okay, we admit it. Traditional video has been complicated, confusing, stressful and based on fantasy, (because most creatives aren't always concerned with schedule and budget). We call that way of thinking Video 1.0.
  • What Makes A Viral Video…So Viral? A viral video is a video clip that achieves widespread distribution and popularity in a short period of time through the internet (social media, blogs, websites, youtube, etc.). Video after video, view after view, people have wondered what makes viral videos so viral, so compelling to share with your peers over and over again.
  • Expert or Arrogant? In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell defines an expert as someone with 10,000 or more hours of practice/experience in his or her field. I've been a producer now for almost 31 years

  • Being an expert is one thing. But if that expertise leads you to arrogance, you’ve missed the point.

At one time in my career I worked for a company that seemed to have it all together. They were bright, young, innovative and had a great vision. They were, beyond question, experts in their field. It was exciting to be around them and to be a part of that synergy. But then I started to see a pattern, one that disturbed me. When I would ask, “How do we know we’re right about…” they would basically respond, “We’re experts. We just know”. At first I thought it was me, but then others began to bring it to my attention. Now, I understand those gut feelings we get, the intuition from doing something a thousand times. But this was different. It was like because they were “the experts” they knew best for everyone else. They stopped listening and everyone elses opinions were discounted.

In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell defines an expert as someone with 10,000 or more hours of practice/experience in his or her field. I’ve been a video producer now for almost 21 years which according to Mr. Gladwell makes me an expert four times over. But during that time I’ve learned a few things about what being an expert doesn’t mean…

  • Being an expert doesn’t mean you know it all
  • Being an expert doesn’t mean you’ve stopped learning
  • Being an expert doesn’t mean you should do all the talking
  • Being an expert doesn’t mean you’ve stopped listening

The reality is that in my field, we have to listen closely to others in order to faithfully share their stories. That doesn’t mean that we will always agree or that we will always be right, but it does mean we have to keep the lines of communication open and determine what’s best for the client and project – which may not always be what’s best for my ego.

I realize the more I know, the more I have yet to know. Our expertise exists to help others along their way.


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