Public relations

Presidential elections have been won and lost with media advisors think about the 1960 presidential debates. It is well known JFK won on the coaching from his media Advisor.

As a Media Advisors we provide specialized advice on how to best represent your brand or image to the media and to the public. We will undertake intensive research on your mission, promise, purpose and vision. Using this knowledge we crate your media environment. We advise on opportunities for promoting your brand or image. We are also excellent at coaching you to deal with public controversies and crisis-management. Think of the film "The Kings Speech" and you'll know how far we go to back you to your stardom.

Services include:

  • Creating your personal brand and coaching you into it.
  • Writing speeches for any and all.
  • EarPromter training.
  • Teleprompter Training.
  • Sometimes representing you to media and public affairs representatives.
  • Providing advice on image and branding, including clothing and vocal style.
  • On camera coaching to bring out your power and effectiveness.
  • Producing your media and sourcing it to your audience.
  • Providing input on image including clothing and vocal style.
  • Researching issues of relevance to prepare you for speeched panels and TV appearances. 
  • Providing reports on relevant or topical issues and advice on how to react.

The Ear-Prompter is a simple way to gain a huge competitive advantage on stage! The Ear-Prompter is a mini ear piece, which hides in the ear canal and receives signals from a unit under the performer's clothing. An presenter simply records lines on a voice recorder, plugs in and hears the script clearly in the ear! Wireless EarprompterT his "new" performance tool has crept onto the scene. We say "crept", because those who are using it are getting a large share of the work... The Wireless Ear-Prompter has been the rule rather than the exception in the Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta markets for years.

Does it work?

In an article in MARKEE magazine, Baltimore talent Sherry Moseley said "I tried one out at an audition three years ago. I blew my competition away, and I was sold forever." Washington-based narrator/spokesman Mike Handley has been an enthusiastic user for nearly ten years. been about the best investment I've ever made. It strikes me as bizarre that a lot of talent don't use it today when you consider the overwhelming competitive edge it gives you. The competition thinks it ought to be illegal!"

Media Advisors may work for a political representative or organisation, private company, not-for-profit organization, celebrity or public figure.

A thorough understanding of the media industry, including deadlines and key contacts, is required. It is also beneficial to have a working knowledge of social media and an ability to follow advancements in technology relating to communication and broadcasting. elections have been won and lost with a Media Advisor. It's called Rapid Leadership Media Coaching because our system ignites leaders to their best at a quantum pace. Noel Murphy provides clear, intentional mentorship to guide you to the next level of presenting in digital media. Rapid Leadership Media is a respect-based container of listening, dialogue, inquiry, feedback, and direct coaching such that your personal greatness will be far more expressed online and I front of the camera. We think all people attain the experience of success when their presentation of themselves to others is aligned with who they are at their core. Bringing the two together for you is what we do... resulting in natural leadership power. We think everything's possible when you're in your unique state of geniusDo you want more flow in your presentation? People who use our approach to media create connection and flow with ease.. We commit to support you every step of the way in the awakening of your true power and creativity as a world class presenter.In navigation, a one degree shift translates to a thousand mile course shift later in the journey. If you want to grow and move forward, then it may be time to be backed by a advisor who will help steer you all the way to your vision.Even a one degree shift takes self knowledge, preparation and support. Taking our Rapid Leadership Media Coaching System into your business will transform your leadership results and you'll see a major increase in the ease in which these results are achieved. Our invitation is for you to consider what your media possibilities really are then consider how you'll reach them. That's where we come in.


"As a coach Noel took me from step one to step ten just like that, because he by-passed all the stuff that held me back and I got the first clear look at it. I think you will leave here much more confident."

Sally Green, Executive Director, Jacobs Heart

"Noel Murphy is delightfully courageous. He gently takes on whatever is in your way and gently tosses it aside, he does it elegantly and with great sense of humor."

Hans Phillips, President, Ontico

"Noel has a gift of coaching. He gets me centered and the rest follows. I now have the tools to take my potential where it belongs!" Noel has a gift of delivering messages full of power and effectiveness. I had been waiting to start my own business for almost a year. After one conversation with Noel I was ready to blast off into the potential I never knew I had. "Trust the process" Noel says, and I've learned that a little trust goes a long way."

Kristin Swegles, CEO, Indayoga

"Noel's feedback is brilliantly insightful, but I must say that his feedback for me last week, saying essentially that mastery trumps intellectualism, was brilliantly insightful, and this coaching has affected my life in a profound way. He has a unique, caring, and creative way of coaching! a broad spectrum of individuals."

Ron Covell, Master Motorcycle Builder

"Noel is simply awesome. he has a great way of bringing out what's important, and he gets to the core using his considerable intuition to bring things to light and show me ways to include them all in my big picture, like threads in a tapestry: none of them has to be left out. I am so excited to continue work with him and to refer others to him.I feel much more confident and my presentation of myself and in my life!"

Daniella Martin, T.V. Host

"Our discussion around power has led me to a realization about how I have isolated myself and ultimately to tear down the barriers that I have constructed around myself. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Again, I appreciate your courage and willingness!"

Derek Fugikowa, CPA

"With Noel's encouragement and support, I faced my life's biggest challenge, gracefully moved through it and came out with a winning skill to confidently express myself. This self-expression might even mean saying nothing and feeling at peace with the feelings of having nothing to say! I also gained a deeper knowing of who I am."

Susan Bradley, Entrepreneur

"I think l it is part of Noel's destiny to challenge the common paradigm of relationships where we all too often settle for less than what we truly desire...Noel inspires change on all levels for me... I am honored to work with such a profound person."

Janet Caleri, Co-leader The Relationship Game